Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Making flubber!

Birthday hat!

It's been 3 shades of crazy here this evening at the ol' homestead! We've had trumpet practicing, phones ringing, kids running in and out the door and through the house (several weren't ours), and dogs barking like nincompoops. And even though it's completely nuts, I love it! I know a day will come when the silence tries to drive me crazy, so I'll stave that day off for as long as I can. The husband would probably argue that as long as I have vocal cords, it will never be silent. He's probably right, I do tend to talk to myself. A lot. The truth is that I love the chaos. It completes me. When my husband and I first had children, we both knew that we wanted to be the "go to" house in the neighborhood, the house that all the friends of our kids felt comfortable hanging out at. I will keep the cupboards stocked with junk food, the soda fountain flowing, and the music blaring--all in the name of fun. Okay, truth be told, I enjoy those things too. I've learned that the fun you have in life IS life, and those moments are what we all remember. Do you remember the parties that you had in elementary school? Recess? A fun project you worked on with a friend? How about the annual Valentine's Day card exchange? I thought so! Those are the moments that memories are made of. We watched the annual showing of "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" on t.v. last night, and I told my kids about a time when we HAD TO BE PRESENT to watch the one and only airing of the program during Halloween week. No video cassettes or DVD's to replay, and certainly no DVR to rewind. How cool is it to watch the same shows that I loved as a kid with my own kids? Tomorrow night we'll carve our pumpkins, roast some pumpkin seeds, and fine-tune our costumes. I love this fall season and all the fun goings-on! It's a complete and total chaotic cluster around here, and I don't think the the laundry has been put away in a month, which really competes with my OCD ways, but oh well. We're enjoying our days, and all the holiday hoopla! I'm already planning some fun and zany Christmas fun, I'll share, if any of it actually pans out! When my son was about 6, he told me (giggling like a lunatic) that whatever I did, I'd never be able to "take the silly out of him". He was so right, and believe me, I'd never, ever try!


momto1 said...

What a fun mom! I hope that we're those kind of parents one day too--although I have a feeling my inner neatfreak might prevent it. I just will have to learn to let go, huh?!

Michelle said...

I'm so with you on this! I love being the house my son and his friends play at (and sometimes destroy, running past me with various weapons smelling like little wet dogs), not just because I thrive on the noise (which yeah, on a bad day can make me drag out the duct tape and sedatives)(CPS: Just kidding!) but also because I want to make sure my son has a childhood he can look back on and say, "THOSE were the good old days."