Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I'm so excited, it's my first ever blog award! And I got it from my new friend at Bee and Rose! She and I decided we were kindred spirits right off the bat, and I tune in to her blog daily! She's super funny, so go and read!
I now get to pass this award for GOOD ATTITUDE AND GRATITUDE to 10 of my favorite bloggers out there. The problem is, I have about 800 favorite bloggers out there--at least!

But here it goes:

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8. Antique Mommy at Antique Mommy

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11-a millionty hundred....insert your name here!

Now go forth and make a list of your own 10 honorees! Make a list, link 'em up, and leave them a comment saying so, so they can come and claim their prize!


Dear Mr. Hanes,
I am writing to you today to voice a growing concern that I am having regarding your line of panties for women. Although this is by no means a new issue, I have found that it has reached a new, disturbing apex of anxiety for me. It has to do with the overwhelming number of choices that you offer. Now, I understand that we girls like our choices, and we are even prone to changing our minds several times in our constant search for "new and improved" products. But seriously? I find myself in the aisle at Target or Walmart, akin to a deer in headlights, all while trying to do something as simple as pick out a six-pack of undies. We used to have to choose between "granny panties" and high cut panties, cotton or mysterious silky blend fabrics, and plain or patterned. Now, you've brought on the hurt with additional choices such as "hipsters", "boy briefs", "low rise", and oh, I could go on and on. And the cute little sticker that says, "NO RIDE UP" and "WEDGIE FREE"?--shouldn't that just be a standard feature in a pair of underwear? I really hate to complain, and I really do understand progress, but it's getting increasingly difficult to explain to my husband and children that there will be no hot meal again tonight because I just couldn't make it out of the "unmentionables" aisle in under an hour and a half.
If you are open to suggestions, I would recommend that you limit your selections once again to just a handful, because more is just a pain in the butt, pardon the pun. Oh, and please keep the Bonus Pair Buy 6 get 1 Pair Free Cotton Multi Color No Ride Up Wedgie Free Hipsters on the list--I really like those.

Yours Until the Elastic is Shot,

Saturday, January 24, 2009


I just watched this video on a fellow blogger's blog, Art on a Limb, and thought it was very touching. Women friends have such a special bond with each other, and this is such a beautiful tribute by this author, Kelly Corrigan! I've seen her book, The Middle Place, in the bookstore, and think I might just have to pick up a copy!
I want to dedicate the message in this video to all my gal pals out there, you know who you are! From the ones I had in grade school, Jr. high, high school, college, through work, on-line, in my neighborhood, through marriage, kids' sports teams, play dates, and everywhere else I've encountered "kindred spirits"!
Have a wonderful weekend, and enjoy a cup of coffee with a girlfriend!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I thought I'd share these fun little nuggets of wisdom and inspiration that I overheard today while on lunchroom duty. As a friend of mine said today, every would-be parent out there should have to cover a lunchroom duty or two--the world would be a lot less densely populated!
  • One boy to another: When is your mom going to have her baby? Does she still fit in your car? (I bet she's just hormonal enough to have a mean left hook...)
  • A little girl to a boy at her table: If you scoot any closer to me, I'm going to spit on you. (One day you may find him attractive...but probably not.)
  • One boy to another: Why are your teeth so yellow? Did your lunch cause it or don't you brush your teeth? (Politically correct? I think not...)
  • And finally, my favorite, one little girl to another: I love your nails! (purple and chipped) My mom says I can only use clear, because the other colors are trashy. (I tucked my red nails immediately into my pockets in shame...)
And then, back in class, as we were discussing the finer points of measurement:
  • Boy in foot cast: Mrs. B.? What do you think this black and green stuff is that's between my toes? (Lint...let's pray to God it's lint!)
I bet there's not a person out there working in any office that heard anything quite like I did today!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


My morning started out much the same as any other work day--coffee cup dripping, bag of school papers threatening to knock me down, and purse and lunch bag balancing me out on the other side to keep me from falling over--and that was just on the way to my car. But still, I was awake, alive, and happy to be going to do a job that I love.
As I gathered up the students from line before school, one of the little girls in the class I'm subbing in (long term) remarked that she liked my hair (I wore it down for a change), to which I responded a proud thank you! She then asked me if I fixed it that way on purpose, because "her hair looks kind of like mine when she first gets up in the morning and has, you know, bed head".

Strike one for the teacher.

During math class, we were learning to convert length measurements--feet to yards, inches to get the picture. A conversation ensued about the number of feet/yards in a mile, etc., and that lead to a comment by one little boy about how far they ran in cross country. As we converted miles into feet, I shared with them that I, too, used to run cross country and track in high school--back in the day of the dinosaur. To which my same little friend from this morning commented, "So were you skinny back then?"

Strike two for the teacher.

I'm now sitting at home, hair up in a clip, fat and happy after eating dinner.

Score one for the teacher.

Saturday, January 10, 2009


This mom says yes, they do. Especially in moms. Today started out with a bang, a boom, and a thud--and that was all before my head left my pillow. I had a REALLY BAD HEADACHE, probably from all the yummy stuff the Santa Ana winds are blowing our way. I suffered through some much-needed house cleaning, and was looking forward to reading some blogs (hey, I can read with my eyes all squinty) and a nice, long, hot bath. Then these two, after playing a LOUD COUPLE OF HOURS OF CAR RACING VIDEO GAMES,
decided that they would play a round or seven of Nerf Darts. Notice the re-purposed Super Hero belt around the boy's head. He informed me that he was a Ninja Warrior, while my little princess (choke) said she was "just a regular warrior". They packed some peanut butter crackers and water in backpacks (seriously), and made the long trek up the stairs, where I was now happily reading away on the computer. To shoot at each other. Loudly. I was just about to suggest the backyard as a better war zone, when someone took a Nerf Dart to the eye. That led to a swift pop in the belly of the other with the injured's Nerf Gun, and after that all that could be heard was me, screaming for them to stop fighting by the top of the stairs. I think I may have mentioned something about knocking them both into next week. Possibly. Anyway, the two boobs left me alone for a little while in the tub, until I once again became BASE. Heavy sigh.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


I was reading through some comments and looking at some fellow blogger's blogs tonight, and came across Nicole at What a Trip! She created a "Thankful Thursday" list, and I thought I'd follow suit! I want to keep the spirit of Thanksgiving going all through the year--after all, it's not just about the turkey (and the stuffing, cranberries, and mashed potatoes...) Here's my list:
  • I am thankful for warm, fuzzy socks. Any color, any length! It seems like my feet are the only things on me that get cold, so it's good to have a cure!
  • I am thankful for my kids to hug goodnight! I'm so very thankful every day for these two sweet (mostly!) kids of mine--sure, they drive me nuts some of the time, but I wouldn't want it any other way!
  • I am thankful for good books to read--'nuf said!
  • I am thankful for soda full of caffeine, and of course, COFFEE!!! Preferably, straight from here:

I am always, always thankful for family and friends that make my life richer every day just by being part of it!
Happy Thankful Thursday to everyone!

Monday, January 5, 2009


It's about darn time, it's 2:00 in the morning! What does a girl have to do to get a little peace and quiet around here?! As it turns out, she either needs to ask for help cleaning toilets, or wait until 2:00 in the morning! I have an EXTREME insomnia problem on the night before any big event--traveling, holiday, even returning to work/school the day after a vacation. Which is what is happening this evening. At least I know to expect it after all these years, and I embrace it rather than fight it. This evening, after sending the kiddos to bed (yeah, right...they've inherited THAT gene from me), I settled in to a nice, hot bubble bath with a good read. Which is why I picked this picture to represent today, DAY NUMBER 4 of the 365 day picture-taking challenge.

I have read most of Jennifer Weiner's books, and this one, "Certain Girls", is a sequel to one of her others, "Good in Bed". I wanted to read something just for fun, and this (actually both of these books) fit the bill! Besides, hubby isn't done with the first Twilight book yet, so I haven't been able to start it!
I've been cleaning up after my sick husband the past few days (bleaching down every surface he comes into contact with, including my bedding--I REALLY don't want this bug!), so haven't posted my other 3 pictures yet. Here they are!
I picked this picture for the 1st one of the new year, because it's JUST SO WEIRD!!!!! If you look closely (or click on the picture to enlarge it), you can see my daughter in front of me, but she looks like a ghost walking toward me. I was experimenting with my camera settings, to try to get a nice shot of her by the snow outside of the church where we were celebrating our belated Christmas party with my husband's family.

Undecorating after Christmas. This was sitting in the middle of my dining room table, and I just love the way it sparkles! I'll miss it until next year.

This one was taken at about 3:20 a.m. in the backyard. It was freezing, and I stayed awake (big surprise!) with my son to watch the highly anticipated meteor shower...we saw a couple, but not enough for our tired selves to say it was worth the wait! Good times anyway!

I'm really enjoying this version of journaling! And hey, remember that sit-up, push-up resolution? I'm four-for-four, baby!