Sunday, March 22, 2009



This site is so fun! Everyone's doing it, and it's free! And the reason for the words in my wordle? Yup. Can't sleep! I started yet another long term sub job, and as always, whenever there's a change in routine (heck, even a change in the weather!), I have a hard time sleeping. Coincidentally, it's also usually during this time that I get the most writing done. I've got notebooks full of ideas that often come after midnight--sometimes I don't want to disturb hubby (he's already disturbed enough) so I write with the light out. Those notebooks look especially lovely, but I can usually read them! The worst thing I've ever done in the throes of insomnia is to not write a good idea down, thinking that I'll remember it in the morning. Nope. Never happens.

If you've read my blog for any amount of time, you'll know that I love to organize. Anything. Really. So, I've decided to start from here on out writing everything (even grocery lists!) in journals, decorated with my vast stores of scrapbook supplies. They are going to be catch-all, tabbed books that I will take with me everywhere until I fill one all the way up. It will then get a date label and be stored on a shelf in the den. I always buy the composition notebooks when they go on sale after the back-to-school season, and these are the notebooks that I love to decorate. It's late now, so I won't take and post pictures, but I will soon! For now, goodnight, and creative dreaming!

And in the morning, this is a beautiful thing!


Bee and Rose said...

I told you we were soul sisters! I am a list fanatic! I have notebooks for all sorts of lists! I started using my scrappin' stuff recently to prettify my lists too! Awwww!

You sound like you are feeling much better! Hooray!

Love the wordle! Posted one on my bloggy today too!

kel said...

I need to do the notebook thing. I have tons of inspirational moments, and then totally forget them in ten minutes!!

shortmama said...

Stopping by from SITS today. Nice to see a fellow Arizonan. Have a great windy weekend

Mary said...

Oops--somehow I missed this post! Hey, on the orange extract thing--if you don't do cheesecake, try putting a few drops in some hot chocolate. Yummy!

As for the cucumber water, I think they just put slices of cucumber in the bottom of a pitcher of chilled water. The water was clear except for a few seeds in the bottom, but the flavor was definitely cucumbery and refreshing!

Kerri said...

Lori, thanks for the double shot this morning! What grade are you long term subbing for? I just finished a full week of kindergarten while their teachers were conferencing. Whew, I'm tired!

I have about umpteen composition books waiting to be used up! I, too, bought lots during the back to school sales because a teacher has to be ready to supply her new room at a moment's notice! I'm supplied for the next few years til I get my own classroom. But I do journal with these books, too. Keeps my sanity level at an even keel.

I'm taking today as a "catch up" on seeing what my blogging friends are doing. A nice way to spend a snowy Sunday!! :)