Monday, February 22, 2010


I was blessed to spend last Thursday and today in an all-day video workshop by the one and only Dr. Fred Jones. I tell ya, that man has really accounted for virtually every "what if" a teacher could throw his way. He uses the clever art of, behavior modification, to coerce, er, guide the student in the direction of appropriate behavior. We got to spend the days watching his videos and discussing situations with our colleagues. But, of course, the best part was getting to go to lunch, OFF CAMPUS, for AN ENTIRE HOUR!!!!! For those of you who don't teach, you could never imagine the thrill this is, and the possibilities it inspires! Unless, of course, you have 25 children of your own, then you probably have a pretty good idea. I got to eat SITTING DOWN! I know!
In other news, we got an exciting new toy here this weekend, and its name is AN INSTANT HOT WATER DISPENSER IN THE KITCHEN RIGHT ON THE KITCHEN SINK! I'm so excited! It's kind of dorky, I know, what with the invention of the microwave and all. But really, the idea that I can think, "Gee, a cup of hot tea sounds good", and make it happen RIGHT NOW is really, really cool. In fact, I've had so much tea since yesterday that I think I may have sprung a leak. Just kidding. I'm kind of glowy inside just thinking of the possibilities of instant coffee (Starbucks has complied) and hot chocolate next winter. And my wishes to God's ears, apparently, because it's been cold and rainy here all day! Off to have some more tea, happy Monday!