Sunday, September 7, 2008


In the spirit of the age-old adage by John Denver, my new mantra is "Life ain't nothin' but a funny, funny riddle". Only, alas, I'm not so much a country boy as a city girl. I do however, have a great imagination, and I'm pretty sure Johnnie knew he'd touch me with his song. I've been on a bit of a roller coaster these past couple of weeks. We, like so many others, have been directly effected by this really crazy economy. And by really crazy, I mean down-right rotten. This has left us in a bit of a tailspin with the absence of regular hours and income, but hey, what's life if not exciting, eh?! Instead of looking for a whole new job (I really love working from home!), I've amped up my subbing days to a couple a week, and that'll do for now. I'm considering going back to full-time teaching in the next year or so; I'll just have to get those pesky classes (about $2k worth) out of the way first. I really do miss the classroom and all the goodies and fun stuff that teaching brings! I think what made me really realize that it would be okay to go back was when my 10 year old daughter asked me if she could come in and write on my chalkboard and help me grade papers! She's really into it, and would be a great teacher herself some day! Maybe if she sees me doing it and surviving, she'll look into it as a career choice--a great career choice if you have to be a working mom (what an oxymoron THAT is). And heck, if I can't serve as a good example to her, I'll just serve as a terrible that quote! Besides, an elementary school classroom will provide me with endless fodder for the book(s) I'm dying to write someday!
I hope the economy turns around for us soon, it would be a welcome relief for many out there who are in business for themselves, or anyone, really, who has grown accustomed to enjoying the finer things in life--you know--food, shelter, clothing...until my next post (which is bound to be more timely than this one was), I'll leave you with the encouraging words from one of my favorite authors, Erma Bombeck. "It's going to get much worse before it gets worse." Let's hope not, Erma, let's hope not. Have a great day!

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