Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Hi to friends and family. Just a quick note to catch you up on yesterday's events. We got a call Monday morning telling us some very, very sad news. Our sweet little niece, Callie Jane Butler, was run over in her driveway this morning while playing with her sisters and neighborhood friends. I took this picture last December at the Butler family Christmas party. She is a teeny, tiny little 20 month old spitfire, and we are all praying that God's will (and hers) will keep her here with us so that we can watch her grow. Please send up a prayer for her and the distraught family friend who backed into her. Her family and friends are amazingly strong, and the feeling of love and support in the hospital room with little Callie was so uplifting. As we stood by her and held her little hands and feet, her peacefulness was palpable. Her mother and father are so very faithful, and their love for their child and God will bring them peace, no matter what happens. If you haven't already today, thank God for your children and hold them tight. Thank you for your prayers.


Mary said...

Lori, what a beautiful tribute. Thank you.

{Ashley B} said...

Thank you so much Aunt Lori. It was so nice to see you and Uncle LeRoy at the hospital. We love you all so much!

butlerfam15 said...

Thank You Lori! I don't think I've ever been to your blog! I need to figure out how to add you to my list. Ours is thebutlerfamily15.blogspot.com if you want to check out Callie's progress & add us to your list. We're still hanging out here at the hospital. We're out of PICU & in the Nuero Rehab
LOL, Dana & Cal