Friday, February 20, 2009


We went on a field trip today! Wait, that's not the best part...the best part is that I lived to blog about it! Really quickly, before I head to bed, I wanted to post my favorite top three things I heard today from the 2nd graders, while we were out.

Student: Mrs. B.? Can my bladder explode?
Me: I don't think so, I think that only happens to teachers. Why?
Student: Because I've seen a water balloon explode, and I've got to go to the bathroom really bad.

Student: If I had some money for every time I've seen this play, I would be totally broke because I've never seen this play before.

Julie: Mrs. B.? Jodi (not her real name) took some of my lunch and ate it.
Me: Jodi, did you take some of Julie's (again, you know...) lunch and eat it?
Jodi: No, she gave it to me. She said she didn't like the kind of chips her mom packed.
Julie: Oh yeah, I forgot. My brain does that to me sometimes.
Me: Yup. Me too.


mr-stu said...

What age kids were you in charge of then on the field trip?

Mary said...

Adorable. One of my high school students said something adorable on Tuesday, too. I made him stay after class, and then he walked out the door and said "F--- that b-----!" Another teacher heard it. 3 days suspension. Yup, sweet child. Yup, I love my job!

Bee and Rose said...

My brain does that to me all the time! lol! You could write an entire book of these cute quips!
Love the exploding bladder story! lol!