Thursday, July 2, 2009


Just an ode to summer today. Yes, we live where it's hot enough to fry an egg on the sidewalk in the summer (never been tested by me, just an urban legend we like to pass on). Yes, sometimes the car does smell like burning ass when you get in--especially if you have leather seats. And yes, I have gotten 2nd degree burns while wearing 50 SPF on an overcast day at the pool. But still, summer also means lazy days, not having to get dressed until noon--heck, not getting out of bed until noon most days--and catching up on all the projects that there's never any time for during the school year. So far, here's what we've accomplished:
  • WE HAVE BASEBOARDS!!!!! We put wood flooring in a couple of years ago, and due to time and budget constraints, we weren't able to add the baseboards until now. YEA!
  • We have recovered our dining room chairs. Okay, we used duct tape because the staples wouldn't go through the wood, but they're MOSTLY done.
  • Rearranged furniture in the living room--just awaiting the addition of the game table and some floor cushions!
  • Sanded and partially painted the re-purposed coffee table to be a game table--waiting for a windless day to finish.
  • Pajama pants--lots and lots of pajama pants!
  • Reorganized pantry.
  • Clean (but you have to look REALLY quickly) playroom (I wasn't quick enough to get a picture, darn it).
  • Painted picture frames for ART GALLERY wall.
  • Organized and labeled files (just an OCD thing...)
  • New recipes tried.
  • Lots and lots of salsa made.
  • First-ever attempt at LETTERBOXING in Sedona.
  • Working out, rock climbing, and basketball at the Rec. Center.
  • Lots of movies, friends over, and wine-drinking (just the adults).
  • Standard-issue Super Dog Cape made for Super Dog (sometimes the "S" stands for Stupid, sometimes for Silly) by the daughter.
I still plan to get a handle on my scrapbooking--at least a start. I still plan to reread Stacey Julian's book to be re-inspired to take control!

On a sadder note, the Something Lovely that I was going to make? Um, not so much. My journal ended up looking like a bit of a fabric-covered nightmare. Luckily, I googled journal covers, and found this great tutorial for any who are interested. Maybe one day I'll learn to read the directions first--but why ask for permission when you can ask for forgiveness?


Peterson Family said...

We are a letterboxing family. The kids research where they want to go next and we follow. We have fun doing it as a family activity! The kids LoVe it!

Mary said...

I'll have to look into letterboxing--I've never even heard of it before. Love all those organized shelves. If I had a real pantry, I'm sure mine would look just like that...

Vodka Mom said...

you are one crafty wench!!!

Bee and Rose said...

I LOVE YOU!!! We do letterboxing too!!!!

You are my crafty housekeeping hero! You totally have me inspired to get off my behind and get my organizing on!!!!

(and yes...I have a book of books to read! lol!)

Heather said...

Boy you've done a lot this summer! I guess I need to step up my game!! Just stopping by from SITS! Have a great day!

The Blonde Duck said...

I got distracted once you said salsa...

mommy4life said...

Looks like you are one ambitious lady! Thanks for coming by my blog today!