Tuesday, December 1, 2009


I think that there should be a date of expiration on all uneaten Halloween candy. I mean, what kid who's worth his weight in Snickers has any left come December 1st, anyway? Haven't their parents eaten what was left? (Ahem) I knew today was going to be rough when I was greeted at my classroom door by several of my students who had graciously accepted a classmate's offering of leftover Halloween candy. For breakfast... At 7:30 a.m... By 10:00 a.m., I had sent one to the nurse's office with a tummy ache, explained to Evan that little girls didn't like to be called "honey buns" by little boys, and tried to come up with an answer for why dogs and cats have thicker skin that humans (that was during math class). By afternoon recess, our boy's bathroom pass had been thrown up on the roof. Luckily for us, Jessie had said a prayer when she went out to use the restroom, and God had told "her heart and brain" that the culprit had been either Daniel, Joseph, Connor, or Michael. Well, at least that's one less problem for me to think about. Sigh. When's Christmas?


Mary said...

Love it!

kel said...

hilarious!!! I ate all the good candy around here by november 5th!

Bee and Rose said...

I sent all the leftover candy packing to my husband's office the first week of November! I know, I'm mean;)

Your classroom kiddos are a riot!