Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Okay, it may be official, I've lost my mind. Does anyone see the time? That's right, it's 2:30 in the morning (why is the clock at the bottom an hour off? hmmm...). I just finished working, and had to post a quick note about an author I recently found. She's not new, but she's new to me, and I am absolutely digging her books (I've read 2 this week, and have started on a third). Her name is Nancy Moser. I found her accidentally, because I totally judge books by their covers. I understand the metaphor behind not doing that, with people and all, but with books? Come on! There'd be no jobs out there for graphic designers, photographers, and marketing folk if we didn't judge books by their covers! Anyway, the first book I read by her is called "The Good Nearby". The message in this book was so powerful, uplifting, and overwhelmingly simple! It was truly a life-changing read for me, and I READ A LOT! Almost as often as I think about cleaning my house (but don't) and eating chocolate (totally do)! If you get a chance to check her out (ha ha, from the library--get it?!), you won't be disappointed! Here's a link to her website.


{Ashley B} said...

I always love finding a new great book. I'll have to go down to the library and see if they have her books. {we don't have the best library you know} I've been so hung up on Twilight that I haven't started many new books. Thanks!

Rachel Ann said...

I saw your comment over at SITS this morning about being up so late...I hope you finally got to sleep!

I totally agree with you about judging a book by its cover! I do the same thing. I read a wide variety of books, but I also read a lot of, **gasp** romance I definitely judge by the cover...if he's hot I read!!!

Happy Wednesday!

Chris Bliss said...

LOL. Thanks for stopping by.

I guess we were both late owls last night since we both were posting on SITS in the middle of the night. I ended up not going to bed till 5am. Crazy! We were in the same boat last night.

Your blog is adorable. Love it!


The Butlers said...

So i wish i liked to read! Me and Books have never really been fond of each other, ha ha

PetalsYoga said...

Thanks for the book tip... I'll get it out this weekend.

Yay.. new book to savor.

Thanks again!

Who am I? said...

Cool, thanks! I need a new book... I like your blog, by the way. Very cute.