Monday, November 3, 2008


When my son was just a couple years old, he called his uncle Jeff, uncle Beff. We still call him that to this day, I just don't think he's aware of it. We went to the hospital Saturday to see Calli and Jeff as they celebrated his birthday in the hospital cafeteria. I was amazed at Calli's progress--it's been awhile since we've been there to see her due to our amazing collection of viral germs around our house. If she had been able to open her eyes (a side effect of the brain stem injury she sustained), she wouldn't have gotten even a sideways glance from anyone walking by--no one would've even thought she was a patient there! It was wonderful to receive smoochy kisses and tight hugs from this little even made up for the lashings I received from the plastic bead necklace she was whipping about! I thought this was the sweetest picture--what better birthday present for her dad than the gift of his littlest girl's life itself? I have no doubt that with therapy and God's grace she'll be doing things that no one would've imagined as she lay in the hospital bed just a month and a half ago!


Mary said...

I love this picture! I may "borrow" it for my birthday blog for Jeff, 'kay? Obviously your camera is in better shape than mine or Jacob's! You made me laugh, recalling your lashing by beads! It was very fun to see you all!

{Ashley B} said...

I love this picture too. I totally stole it and posted it on my mom's blog. hope you don't mind! love you guys!